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The prospect of a flying taxi that lifts you over the traffic
and speeds you to your destination is an enticing one — but are we any nearer to it becoming a reality?
A recent breakthrough by a UK-based company, which has built and flown a fully electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, suggests we are.
Plans to take ride-hailing app Uber into the skies with a new fleet of personal aircraft are also pressing ahead, with some experts suggesting that ambitions to introduce aerial taxis within three or four years are potentially achievable, if not necessarily affordable.
The UK’s Vertical Aerospace completed a test flight for its unmanned prototype in June 2018 after being granted flight permission by the country’s Civil Aviation Authority.
The VTOL aircraft, which weighs 750 kilograms, was designed, built and flown in just 12 months.
Founded by OVO Energy CEO Stephen Fitzpatrick in 2016, Vertical Aerospace aims to revolutionize how people fly by providing personal, on demand and carbon-free air travel between different cities.

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